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Why Choose Us?

We are devoted to your pet’s whole well-being!

Why Choose Us
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Why choose Highland Animal Hospital for your pet’s surgical and wellness care?


Choosing a veterinarian to help care for your furry family member is essential. You and your pet need someone to depend on to give you the best advice for your pet and lifestyle. The relationship you have with your veterinarian impacts the overall quality and longevity of your pet’s life.


Veterinary medicine is not one size fits all. Just as each pet is unique, each family has its own rhythm. We get to know you and your pet at Highland Animal Hospital. Whether we are helping you care for a champion working dog, a world-class snuggler, or anything in between, every decision and recommendation is based on your dog or cat’s specific needs.


We are committed to developing trustworthy relationships with our clients and their pets. That connection allows us to deliver quality care patients won’t receive anywhere else. Truly knowing our patients helps us to provide a comfortable environment for you and your beloved family member.


The Highland Animal Hospital team is highly-trained, and we reinvest in their ongoing education. We provide opportunities for continuing education for all team members beginning their first day and every day after that.


We maintain a complete medical history of your pet through all stages – from cute puppies and kittens to sophisticated, wise adults. Vaccine history, previous illnesses, injuries, or surgeries do not exist independently of one another. Every detail noted can alert us to a potential concern. Everything from dietary recommendations to previous x-rays provides a holistic view of your pet’s health and well-being. We don’t cut corners on things like pre-surgical bloodwork because doing so could potentially be life-threatening to your pet.


Delivering the best care possible takes time and reinvestment in people and technology. Our focus isn’t on providing care for as many patients as possible; it’s on the quality of the care each of our patients receives. This allows us to provide more holistic care. From prevention to nutrition, we’ll help you ensure your pet has more quality years with you by their side.

Don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews and see what others say about their experience. We can’t wait to see you and your pet at Highland Animal Hospital!