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We offer boarding services to the dogs, cats, and exotic pets of Big Spring, TX, and beyond.

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Pet Boarding in Big Spring, TX

At Highland Animal Hospital, we know that leaving your pet is never easy. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that we are wholly focused on their health and happiness when they’re with us. While you have many boarding options for your pet when you’re gone, we think our veterinarian-supervised team will go above and beyond in looking after your pet while you’re away.

Our boarding facilities are inside and climate-controlled. The dog kennels are large runs with stainless steel panels which makes them extremely sanitary with no direct contact with other dogs. We pride ourselves in the love and care we give your pets while boarding with us. We walk each dog three times a day in our fenced yard. This allows the dogs to take care of their business outside of their kennels. Inside the kennel, each dog is provided a bed to sleep in off of the floor, which keeps their bedding clean and dry. We provide your pets with Science Diet dog food or you may bring your own choice of food. Any special needs can be taken care of while boarding. Baths and early pick-ups can be arranged for an extra fee. We also have individual smaller cages available.

We now have spacious Cat Condos! This allows the cats more room to roam around with a resting bench and private area for their litter pans. There is a window that allows them to lay in the sun and look outside. Science Diet cat food is provided or you can bring your own.

If your pet is on any medications, our team will administer those medications at the proper time as directed. If your pet should become ill during its stay with us, our team will notify our veterinarians, who can determine whether any type of medical treatment is required in our veterinary clinic. Please make sure to give us a call to check boarding availability with us!

Remember to call in advance as we often are booked during weekends, Holidays, and Summer.